Acts 29

Jesus taught his disciples to learn from Him through listening, observing and then doing, so that pattern is more than good enough for us to follow. We seek to achieve this through simple teaching, testimonies, practical demonstration and by providing opportunities for active participation by willing volunteers.

We are pleased to exercise our ministry in whatever context is most appropriate for the church or group that invites us. Spending a single evening with a home group or ministry team is not unusual but is obviously limiting in respect of the range of topics we are able to cover. Helping with the training of your church ministry team may require us to contribute to more than one (evening) session, spread over a period of weeks. In that case, distance could be an issue.

Our preference is for a whole weekend, normally comprising Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning only (if the church does not also have an evening meeting).

Travelling is not likely to be an obstacle, especially if you can provide accommodation for one, two or three nights, if your location is a good distance from Hunstanton, Norfolk, UK.

On Saturdays, we present our teaching through seminars/workshops under the banner of “Acts 29”. On Sundays, we normally minister in the context of a Healing Service. Where our practice differs from that of more traditional healing ministries is that we specifically want to see the people who have spent the previous day with us ministering healing to those who come forward.

We make no charge for our ministry but contributions to help defray expenses are very welcome. More information about this is available upon request.

“What I long to see is a model for healing being practised that is open to all, can be used by ordinary Christians, and travels beyond the walls of our churches to where it is really needed: on the streets and in the homes and workplaces of the needy who don't yet know Christ.”
John Coles, Learning to Heal (Authentic Media, 2010)