Di and Francis Dognon
Francis and Diane Dognon

“We have known Dennis and Cathy for many years and we now invite them regularly to minister to our church network, "La Source", in Normandy.’

‘We have seen them grow in the gifts and anointing that the Lord has given them. We particularly appreciate their complementarity when ministering together.’

‘Dennis feels called to pray for physical healing, and Cathy likes to deal with inner healing using ‘tools’ from the ‘Bethel Sozo’ ministry.’

‘Between them, they can touch both the body and the soul. This is important in our country where many need a healing of the soul. We highly recommend them.’

‘They will come with a servant heart and bless your community, as they did for us last in June 2018.”

“We have enjoyed building a relationship with Dennis and Cathy over some time. I was impressed by the way they took time to visit, invest in and build relations with our church, particularly with myself as leader, prior to being invited to minister.’

‘I was also impressed by their interest in our people and their passion to see others to grow in their own ministry.’

‘The Saturday healing seminar they ran was excellent: sound and engaging, never heavy, always full of humour and deeply relational. I would recommend them to any church interested in growing and developing in healing ministry.”

Colin and Sue Enticknap
Colin and Sue Enticknap

“For the second year running Dennis and Cathy have come to share in our Louange Côte Ouest weekend. LCO is an ecumenical organisation based in France with participants both French and English speaking. Our relationship with this couple has developed and we are very happy to have them working alongside us. As kindred spirits they demonstrate a clear desire to serve the body of Christ and help build the Kingdom.’

‘As part of our prayer team they fully applied themselves to praying for others in all circumstances be it for healing, emotional or whatever. During the weekend Dennis preached on the subject of ‘Barriers between people and God’ which was inspired because it fitted perfectly with everything else within the theme (Breaking Down the Walls). Cathy took a workshop, adapting teaching on “walls" from the Bethel Sozo ministry. The workshop was well attended and from the feedback we received people were encouraged and it laid a foundation for future ministry.’

‘It was so good to see them fully involved and doing whatever was necessary in ministry. Our ethos is very relational and it was great to see them integrated once again in the team and with others. It was a real pleasure to share time with them.’

‘It is clear that Eagles are becoming more confident in who they are and what their ministry is about. They are a perfect example of what the Church really needs right now. Ordinary people with open hearts to God’s calling and hence extraordinary . We would not hesitate to recommend them to others and can’t wait to see them again.”

John and Yvonne Pressdee
John and Yvonne Pressdee

“Dennis and Cathy Acott are 'naturally supernatural'. No dramatic statements, no false claims - just an assurance that Jesus heals today and a desire to pass on what they have learnt to others and to see things happen.’

‘Through sharing their experience, they have helped us, as a church, on our journey in the healing ministry.”

Dan Holland
Dan Holland

“Dennis and Cathy imparted a fresh faith for physical healing through their humorous and authentic Eagles 4031 presentation on Saturday and our Healing Service on Sunday.’

‘Their heart is to equip and empower the body of Christ which they do in an understated and approachable way.’

Paul Bennison
Paul Bennison

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dennis and Cathy Acott for some 10 years; even more, had the privilege of ministering healing and wholeness to many, many people alongside them. They are people whose love and compassion run very deep – two things that are far, far more important than mere knowledge when seeking to help, release, and free others.’

‘Add to that love and compassion ears and hearts that hear from God and the Holy Spirit, through words of wisdom, prophecy, and discernment, and you’ve got just a slight idea of who Dennis and Cathy are.’

‘Put alongside all of those things the mixture of sharing the heart of God with people, and a major sense of fun, and the ‘package’ gets better by the minute!’

‘We’ve ministered together at the Detling Summer Celebration and in churches. Most recently we shared a wonderful weekend in France, a country close to the hearts of the Acotts (and me!). Healing, miracles, inner healing, and freedom in Christ are all in their repertoire.’

‘I love them dearly, and would highly commend them to anyone.”

“Dennis and Cathy share a desire to see the rule of Jesus and His Kingdom spread throughout the UK and beyond. Through personal experience they have received a measure of understanding of the power of Holy Spirit ministry and they long to see others also set free to minister themselves.’

‘They believe that the Kingdom of God is manifest through healing and deliverance, bringing glory to Jesus.’

‘Their joy is to receive a blessing and be a blessing to others.”

Pete and Bev Williams
Pete and Bev Williams

“Dennis and Cathy ministered alongside us twice during the Detling Summer Celebration. We have always found them to be honouring, serving and encouraging. They minister powerfully, both together and apart.’

‘They are both gifted and anointed servants of the Lord. Your teams, congregation and community will benefit greatly from their ministry.”