Healing Testimony

But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Dennis and Cathy were married in December 1996 and, not very long afterwards, Dennis contracted a viral illness. A normal recovery seemed to be made within a reasonable time and yet he continued to feel somewhat less than 100%. This went on for some time, so he went for various medical tests, including a minor operation to obtain a liver sample. Eventually the diagnosis was ME (chronic fatigue), currently considered by the medical profession to be manageable but incurable.

Dennis was prayed for on a number of occasions. Often the presence of God was obvious but no healing came. He was able to continue working full time but only by shedding several management responsibilities and working strictly to the equivalent of 9-5 office hours.

In addition to the toll this affliction was taking on him, his lack of energy meant that there was an increasing burden upon Cathy to do more and more around the home. This was on top of the heavy demands already made upon her as a full-time primary school teacher as well as a home-maker.

Shortly after returning from two weeks holiday, around Easter 2008, Dennis and Cathy received a message from friends about a programme broadcast on God TV from Lakeland, Florida, that was featuring many healing testimonies from a variety of illnesses and disabilities. They decided to tune in and spent a few evenings checking it out and deciding that this was a move of God. The general pattern seemed to be that both people in the auditorium and those watching at home were healed as they responded to words of knowledge given from the platform.

On what was probably the fourth occasion of watching the programme, a word of knowledge was given which combined ‘chronic fatigue’ with ‘spirit of infirmity’. Immediately, Dennis felt in his heart that this word was for him and he shared this realisation with Cathy.

Then the minister spoke to camera and said that, if any viewers were responding to the words given, they should get up out of their seats and touch their TV screens. That seemed just a bit over the top to Dennis - until the story of Naaman the Syrian suddenly came into his mind. So he grabbed Cathy’s left hand with his right hand, manoeuvred around the coffee table and an armchair, placed his left hand on top of the screen and... nothing happened!

Immediately Dennis seemed to know in his heart that Cathy should touch the other side of the screen and she agreed to do so. The moment she did it, the power of God hit Dennis like 10,000 volts of electricity!

Instantly he went head first backwards through the air, across the corner of the armchair, over the coffee table and back onto the settee from whence he came! He bounced up and down on the settee, shaking, and felt like something heavy lifted out of and away from his body – the spirit of infirmity.

He was both healed and set free! Over the next couple of weeks, there were a number of ‘proofs’ of a complete healing.

There was one occasion, about a year later, when the enemy brought back all the old symptoms on a day when a garden shed had to be demolished and loaded into a skip without delay. A decision had to be made.

I am healed! Any indication to the contrary is a lie! The shed is coming down!

And it did, all the ‘symptoms’ disappearing as soon as the job was started! Our God is so good and the victory of Jesus is 100% efficacious!

Needless to say, this changed and transformed both our lives and our appreciation of Christian healing for TODAY. One result of that is this Eagles 4031 ministry and our understanding, from scripture, that ALL believers have a big part to play in this ministry. Our passion is to get this simple message across and put into practice!

We have since seen others set free from ME, praise God!